Brachioplasty Basics

Brachioplasty, which is also known as an “arm lift,” is a type of surgery that entails reshaping upper arms. It also enhances contouring of the upper arms. People who are frustrated due to the presence of undesired fat and skin on their upper arms often turn to this surgical procedure. This is an extremely common procedure for those who have recently experienced massive weight loss.


The Positives of Brachioplasty

There are a number of positive points associated with arm lifts. Brachioplasty can help people attain more streamlined and trim physiques. If you feel self-conscious about your upper arms because you believe that they don’t match the rest of your body, brachioplasty can get rid of that concern for you. Arm lifts can also be helpful for confidence levels in general. If your have poor self-esteem because you’re unhappy about the extra fat located on your upper arms, getting an arm lift may be able to change your life for the better. If you’ve spent a lot of time avoiding wearing short-sleeved tops due to fears about how your arms may look to others, brachioplasty can help you conquer your fears.


Suitable Brachioplasty Candidates

Brachioplasty candidates are adults who are concerned about loose skin and fat on their upper arms. Brachioplasty is appropriate for healthy people who do not have ailments that affect the healing process. It’s also recommended that candidates are healthy and are not heavily overweight.


Brachioplasty Recovery Process

Doctors generally put bandages and dressings on the incisions of patients who are recovering from brachioplasty procedures. They also frequently bundle their arms in compression garments or elastic bandages. This can help reduce swelling that sometimes occurs post-surgery. If there’s any extra fluid or blood lingering after procedures, doctors typically put slender tubes below the patient’s’ skin. These tubes are beneficial for draining purposes.


If you get brachioplasty, your surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions that discuss proper care techniques. It’s important to pay close attention to these instructions. These rules are important for looking after the surgical location correctly. Your doctor may also talk to you about suitable oral or topical medications that may help your healing process.


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