Common Myths about Dermal Fillers

Seven Myths Debunked

Dermal fillers have become a popular and effective treatment for making an aging face look younger without surgery. Unfortunately, a number of myths have arisen about them, which we’re going to debunk.

Myth 1: Botox and dermal fillers serve the same purpose.

Though both are injectable, they actually do very different things. Botox relaxes muscles that wrinkle the face, soften and prevent lines, and aesthetically lift or drop facial structures. Dermal fillers restore and add volume to the face, giving a youthful, plumper look.

Myth 2: It will make me look artificial.

A qualified practitioner will make sure not to use too much or too little product or inject the fillers in the wrong region, which are the only causes of unsatisfactory results. Injections only look fake when they’re administered incorrectly, which is why it’s important to do your research and be selective.

Myth 3: It will not last long.

The first fillers available only lasted for a month but today, advanced formulas last up to a year or more. Additionally, some fillers, like Bellafill, support your natural collagen production and you can continue to see the benefits for years to come.

Myth 4: Dermal fillers are inconvenient and require much down time for healing before one can go out in public.

Most filler appointments can be scheduled during lunch, allowing you to return to work directly after treatment. The most that could probably happen would be some minor tenderness, itching, swelling, or redness — symptoms easily managed without disrupting your life.

Myth 5: Dermal fillers are extremely painful.

Usually, people say that the pain ranks as a mosquito bite — 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. There is a brief, minimal pain, maybe a slight pinching feeling, and then it is over. Topical numbing agents also minimize the pain, and many fillers these days include lidocaine like Juvederm XC, which numbs you safely and effectively.

Myth 6: Anti-aging cream is just as effective.

Aging and wrinkle creams are not as effective as using anti-aging ingredients beneath the skin, as fillers do. Use a quality cream by all means, but it can only complement, not substitute for, a powerful treatment such as a dermal filler.

Myth 7: Dermal fillers are only for women.

Actually, men have begun asking for the treatment much more lately. Women most commonly request brow lifts and cheek and lip enhancement, while men prefer to treat hyperhidrosis, frown lines, and nose reshaping rank amongst the top few.

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