The End of the Line for Wrinkles

Five reasons why Bellafill is the best for long-term results

If you need a reason to select a dermal filler that lasts approximately 10 times as long as other treatments, we’ve got five. Here’s the list of advantages Bellafill provides for natural-looking long-term results.

No. 1: Fewer Treatments Over Time

Dermal fillers are used to smooth out wrinkles left by laugh lines that run from the sides of the nose to the mouth, as well as the marionette lines that run from the mouth to the jawline. Bellafill is also the only filler approved to treat moderate to severe acne scarring.  Most dermal fillers work for six to 12 months, depending on the formula and patient.

By contrast, Bellafill is the longest-lasting dermal filler available today. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Bellafill delivers results that last up to five years. This means fewer treatments, which saves you valuable time and money.

No. 2: Safe for All—but Personalized for You

Bellafill is a dermal filler that’s safe to use on all skin types, colors, and textures. The amount of Bellafill used and the number of injection sites will depend on your personal needs and treatment goals. Although allergies are rare, we conduct a quick allergy test on all patients prior to treatment to make sure there isn’t a reaction to the collagen that is used in the procedure.

No. 3: Bellafill Ingredients Are Used in Other Areas of Medicine

The main ingredient in Bellafill is polymethyl methacrylate microbeads, commonly referred to as PMMA. PMMA is regularly used in ophthalmology, dentistry, and orthopedic surgery.  Bellafill also utilizes a bovine collagen gel that acts as a carrier for the microbeads. Over time, your body absorbs the collagen but leaves the PMMA microbeads in the skin to provide a long-lasting barrier that prevents the wrinkle from regaining its shape. 

No. 4: The Treatment Takes Minutes

After a numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort from the injections, the treatment takes less than 30 minutes. The length of the treatment is dictated by the number of injections and injection sites, which vary from person to person.

No. 5: Life As Usual – Only Better

After receiving your Bellafill treatments, you can resume your normal activities right away. Some patients have temporary swelling, pain, redness, bruising, itching, and discoloration around the areas where Bellafill was injected, but those side effects will disappear within one to seven days.

For about three months after treatment, your results will continue to improve as your collagen production increases.

Bellafill is the safe, long-lasting choice for counteracting wrinkles and facial lines. Contact Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Center today at 214-540-0371 to learn more about this popular treatment.