As you get older, you may notice that your eyebrows have begun changing shape. Oftentimes, the arch becomes flat or the brows begin to sag or droop over your eyes. This leaves you with a tired, aged appearance. Fortunately, a brow lift is a surgical procedure that Dallas facial surgeon Dr. John Standefer completes using local anesthesia to reduces sagginess in the eyebrow area and rejuvenates the forehead. During this procedure, excess skin from the forehead is removed, creating a more youthful look.

Why Would I Want a Brow Lift?

If the signs of aging on your face are concentrated to the forehead area, you are the perfect candidate for an eyebrow lift. Procedures such as a facelift or mini lift target the lower part of your face. The brow lift targets the upper face area. When compared to injections such as Botox, brow lift surgery provides long lasting results.

Where Is the Scar Located?

There are several ways of performing a brow or forehead lift. Dr. Standefer determines the location of the incision depending on the patient’s unique needs. A common and more advanced technique, an endoscopic brow lift, has a few very small incisions made in the hairline. The scars from this version of the surgery are very unnoticeable, due to their size and their location.

Another common method of performing a brow lift uses a coronal incision. While the incision is larger than the one used during an endoscopic procedure, it is still covered by the hairline and can be concealed with the hair after surgery. While the endoscopic method works well for many patients, Dr. Standefer may need to perform the surgery with a coronal incision if you have deep wrinkles or a very droopy brow.

How Long Will I Need to Recover?

Most of our patients return to light activities a few days after their surgery. Many patients go back to work within 7 to 10 days after the procedure, as long as their work doesn’t involve physical activity or straining.

Bruising and swelling is common after eye brow lifts. It is common for swelling to get worse a couple of days after the procedure, as it usually peaks by the third day, then starts to subside. Patients also sometimes notice that the bruising isn’t in the area of the surgery itself, but underneath your eyes.

How Long Will the Results Last?

 The results from a brow lift last typically last a long time. The number of years your results will last depend on how your body continues to age and what steps you take to protect yourself from external factors that contribute to aging, such as sun exposure and tobacco use.

Can You Combine the Surgery With Other Procedures?

Dr. Standefer often combines a brow lift with other surgeries or non-surgical treatments. For example, you may decide to have eyelid surgery performed at the same time as you have a brow lift, if you have droopy lids. The surgery can also be performed at the same as a FreshLift facelift. This would result in rejuvenating the entire area of the face.

Dr. John Standefer, double board certified facial plastic surgeon, is available to answer any additional questions you might have about brow lift surgery. To learn more about the surgery and decide if it’s the one for you, call (214) 540-0371 today to schedule a complimentary consultation. For a limited time, receive 15% off surgical procedures. Financing options are available!