Eyelid Lifts: Everything You Need to Know About Blepharoplasty Surgery

One of the first areas to show the signs of aging is around the eyes. Sagging upper eyelids and under-eye bags can make you look tired and worn out. This relatively minor cosmetic procedure refreshes the appearance of the face and helps individuals look years younger.


What is a blepharoplasty?
A blepharoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery which involves removing excess fat, skin and muscle from both the upper and lower eyelids. It’s performed to reduce the signs of drooping and puffiness in order to achieve a more youthful appearance. This surgery can easily be performed in under local anesthesia in our in-office surgical facility. Our doctors will make tiny incisions along the natural lines of your eyelids, which results in minimal scarring. Long gone are the days of having to go to the hospital for this type of cosmetic procedure.


What are the Benefits?
This procedure is a common request by patients who develop bags under the eyes or have excessive droopy upper eyelids which can cause vision impairment. Eyelid lifts reduce the signs of aging by removing fatty deposits under the eyes and excess skin from the upper eyelids.


The Recovery Period
Most patients are back to their normal routine within days, although complete recovery may take a few weeks. Immediately after surgery, expect redness and irritation at the incisions sites. The discoloration around eyes is a normal part of the healing process, but this will fade. Cold compresses and ice packs will help to reduce the swelling and minimize discomfort. The severity of swelling and bruising varies from person to person; however, it usually resolves within a week or two.


This rejuvenated appearance helps to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. With the new year right around the corner, schedule a free consultation at Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center and see what options we have to offer.