Fed Up With Inflammatory Food?

Fight Inflammation Before It Starts By Avoiding These 5 Foods.

If you’re fed up with feeling run down and tired, or being sick all the time for seemingly no reason, chronic inflammation might be to blame. A systemic state of inflammation can cause fatigue, muscle soreness, bloating, and it can make other conditions much worse. Understanding just what foods you’re eating that are inflammatory can be a major difference in your quality of life and overall health. Here are the worst offenders, and some tips on getting them out of your life, or at least reducing them to a minimum.


5 – Alcohol

Despite the social aspect of drinking, it’s hard on your liver, can cause dependence, and of course is very inflammatory. Premature skin aging and bloating are the least of your worries if you overindulge, so try swapping it out for mineral waters, coffee, tea, or fresh squeezed juice.


4 – Gluten

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and unfortunately, is present in tons of processed food. If you find yourself constantly fatigued, with skin problems, or stomach problems like bloating and cramping, you may be gluten intolerant. Removing it from your diet is easier now that there are gluten-free options widely available, but try using coconut, almond, or rice flours instead of wheat in your baking.


3 – Dairy

Most adults suffer from some level of lactose intolerance, as our ability to digest cow’s milk goes down as we age. You might not realize it, but every bite of dairy could be causing unseen internal unrest. Don’t despair, though, as relief can be found by switching to goat milk products, which are easier for your body to break down.


2 – Corn

Modern corn is highly processed and most are GMOs, meaning they are far-removed from the healthy plants grown a few decades ago. This has caused a spike in corn allergies, and since corn syrup, like wheat, is in so many processed foods, you’re constantly exposed. The best advice is to avoid it if you find it causes you discomfort, and pay special attention to ingredient lists – it really is everywhere!


1 – Processed Sugar

Modern processed food has sugar added everywhere. Because of this, our bodies are constantly in a state of inflammation from excess insulin production, and this drives the epidemic of diabetes rampant today. Drastically cutting back on sugar is the answer, and replacing processed white sugar with honey, molasses, maple syrup, or stevia is a great way to get back to naturally sweetening your food.


5 Small Changes To Better Health

Though there are a lot of commonplace foods that cause inflammation, the good news is they can be easy to avoid, and in a lot of cases, replace with a healthier alternative. Mindful reading of nutrition labels and a little bit of planning can go a long way in improving your health!