Introducing The State Of The Art Visia And Vectra Systems

Visia and Vectra Systems come to Dallas

Dr. Standefer is excited to offer the Visia and Vectra Systems to clients at our Dallas office!

Vectra Informs Your Decisions

Vectra imaging system eliminates the guesswork and approximation by creating fully-rendered models of your face, and displaying exactly what to expect post-surgery. We can use your face, showing you possibilities, limitations, and even what successive surgeries along a desired course would look like in the end. The program measures volume and area in a real and visual way, enabling our doctors to fully articulate the extent of each procedure and just what they will entail. When you are happy with what has been designed through Vectra, it’s a simple step to print out the future-you to have a concrete blueprint. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, the Vectra M3 3D imaging system offers the newest technology, and places it right at our doctor’s fingertips.

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Visia Brings Out The Most Stunning You

The Visia system uses UV light and cross polarized imaging to get a complete picture of your face from each angle, getting to the substructure of your skin and revealing hidden problems to identify solutions find out here now. The Visia’s unique processes separate brown and red skin tone to reveal underlying spider veins, rosacea, acne, and other subsurface problems that may become surface issues later on, or may be driving surface issues now. The Visia also allows our doctors to gauge your actual skin age based on the health and conditioning present, as well as plot the aging course in a visual way, showing the progression of age spots and wrinkles up to seven years in the future. Visia analyzes eyelashes, too, and allows for a comparison of major facial features and blemishes, showing you where you rank for others with similar age and skintone factors. If you’re looking into skin care and rejuvenation, the Visia Complexion Analysis System will bring you the most advanced experience available, showing you a level of detail that was previously impossible and opening up a range of treatment options.

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Both the Visia and Vectra systems offer top-of-the-line results and information, giving you the highest quality projections for both immediate procedures and any that might follow them. Having a tangible, relevant view of what to expect allows you to make the best decision for your needs, and expect the absolute best from your experience. The peace of mind they both can bring is essential in feeling great about the procedure and the outcomes, and your new, healthy you!