Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

After nine long months, you finally introduce your little bundle of joy into the world. However, many new mothers are disappointed at the toll the pregnancy inevitably takes on their bodies. From stretch marks and sagging to extra skin and more, you may not recognize yourself anymore when you look in the mirror. Each woman is unique and faces individual issues, but there is hope. With a “mommy makeover” from Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Centers, you can receive the personalized plan to help you regain the confidence you need to move forward in both your personal and professional life in one procedure.

Post-Pregnancy Tummy Tuck
It’s no secret that your midsection undergoes significant changes during pregnancy as it’s stretched to seemingly impossible proportions. We can help with a post-pregnancy tummy tuck, helping you get your belly back to the way you remember it when you first took the test that changed your life.

Breast Augmentation
Aside from your tummy, your breasts also undergo changes as a result of pregnancy, weight gains and losses, and age. A common end result is one breast that’s a different size than the other, and this can significantly affect your overall body image. As part of your mommy makeover, our staff can perform breast augmentation that can reshape your breasts, ensure they match, and even change the size if you desire.

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty
It’s something we are often not comfortable talking about, yet thousands of women across the country suffer with being self conscious of their female area following childbirth. When you work with our staff, no subject is off the table, and we understand the changes you’ve undergone. We go to work offering vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures to ensure you are confident both in yourself and in your love life.

Additional Procedures
Pregnancy affects women in different ways, and we understand that impacted areas vary. That’s why we ensure we are able to address any cosmetic issue you may be facing following the birth of your baby. For example, we can help you get rid of unwanted new areas of fat using liposuction. We can also help you regain your former physique with a thigh lift. It’s our number one goal to help you reclaim your confidence, and we consult with you to ensure no area is left ignored.

One Procedure to Meet All Your Needs
With so many exciting adjustments that can be made during your mommy makeover, it may seem it would take dozens of appointments and various procedures to finally complete your look. The great news is that all the work you require can be done in one procedure. After all, as a new mom, you have a lot on your plate. That’s why the mommy makeover at Fresh Image Cosmetic Surgery Centers is designed to get you back to your life. You only live once, and you deserve to have a fresh image!

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