Neck And Décolleté Treatments

While the face gets a lot of attention when the topic concerns how to maintain a younger appearance, the neck and chest area certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. They are just as prone to wrinkling and sagging as other parts of your body. In fact, they may be even more vulnerable to the effects of aging for a couple of reasons. The neck area has fewer oil glands and thus less natural moisturizers, meaning that this area of skin tends to dry out faster, resulting in a what some call a turkey neck. The platysma muscle, which runs from right below the chin to just above the chest, shrinks with age. The result is more prominent neck cords. And the skin in the breast area is as prone to loss of elasticity as anywhere else on a aging body. In the case of this area, the weight of the breasts themselves also contributes to skin sagging.

Limiting sun exposure to the neck and décolleté areas can provide some anti-aging protection. So can additional breast support, both in the form of undergarments and a pillow when sleeping. There are also a number of anti-aging serums and creams on the market that can provide some limited help. Products of this type made from plant extracts and containing retinol seem to be the most helpful with prevention. But for repairs and lasting neck and décolleté relief, the best options remains a variety of procedures offered in our office. New techniques, especially in the area of cosmetic surgery, make these procedures more effective and safer than ever before. And while cosmetic surgery tends to make one think of the rich and famous, these procedures are far more affordable than one might think. Below are a few examples.


Infrared lasers heat deeper layers of skin, while a new technology keeps the epidermis, or surface skin, in the treated area cool. The result is little discomfort, no damage to surrounding skin areas, and firmer, tighter skin in your neck and chest area.

FreshLook Lift™

This patented method is a great way to reduce neck sagging, and the prominence of neck cords. In this Fresh Image exclusive procedure, the surgeon tightens the muscles between the chin and sternum, and removes deposits of fatty tissue that have built up in the chin and neck. The skin is tighter as a result, and neck cords are less visible.

Broad Band Light/Intense Pulsed Light Technology

Not as intensive as laser use, the light types used here affect skin layers at different levels, and can be used to treat face and neck spotting and veining. BBL/IPL is also effected for hair removal and acne scarring. This type of procedure generally involves minimal discomfort, and has a rapid recovery time.

Ablative Erbium Nano Laser Peel

Often just called a “laser peel”, this procedure uses a controlled beam to completely remove an area of surface skin, on the neck, hands, face, or chest. This is an excellent procedure for removing lines and wrinkles, and the procedure has long lasting results. The laser beam used here results in more precision, less bleeding, and faster recovery time.

These are but a few of the procedures that can improve the appearance of the neck and chest area. Individuals wanting a neck and décolleté that look and feel as young as the rest of them are advised to make an appointment to discuss their options.

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