Next Generation Facial Enhancement: The Lip Lift

When you hear about someone “getting their lips done,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Lip injections to make them bigger, right? What we’re talking about today is something completely different than traditional injected filler, and once we explain it you will be amazed at how far facial rejuvenation techniques have really come.
What is a Lip Lift and how does it work?
A lip lift is an actual surgical procedure that removes the portion of skin between the upper lip and the bottom edge of your nose. This area is called the vermilion border and when it is shortened, the top lip appears fuller and much more youthful. As we age, the skin that makes up the vermilion border actually stretches downward, diminishing any fullness we might have had in our upper lips in our youth. This procedure increases the prominence of the vermilion border, completely reshaping the facial area around your mouth and enhancing your natural pout.
Is a Lip Lift Permanent?
Unlike injectable fillers, this surgical facial enhancement procedure is permanent. It doesn’t need to be repeated six to eight months from now like filler injections.

Our Experienced Lip Lift Team

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