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Earlobe Repair Surgery

If you have ear injuries, or piercings you’d like to correct, ear repair surgery can do this. Wearing large earrings, gauges/plugs, especially during sleep can cause the ear lobe to get longer, and sometimes the hole can get so large that it splits your ear lobe in two. During ear repair surgery, your ear will be numbed, and the scar tissue and a bit of skin are taken away from the area to create a way to reattach them at the surface. Then, the tissues are sewed together.

The procedure is a simple one, and though the ear may be sensitive, you can use antibiotic cream on your ears for a while, and avoid piercing them for a couple of months. It should be fine to get back to normal activities quickly.

Otoplasty/Ear Pinning

Otoplasty can make protruding ears a thing of the past. For this surgery, it begins with a cut just behind the ear, and then the surgeon removes the amount of skin and cartilage needed to achieve the desired end. Then, the surgeon will trim the cartilage and shape it correctly, and then pin it back to the ear and head.

This surgery is simple and does not change the ability to hear out of the ears in any noticeable way. After surgery, you can expect that you’ll need to dress your ears for just a few days. There may also be a bit of mild discomfort in the area. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to feel better, just don’t sleep on your side for a while.

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