Sciton’s Fountain of Youth: Resurfacing Perfected

Sciton’s Laser Resurfacing

As we age, collagen breakdown and skin thinning are inevitable, leading to fine lines and wrinkles, commonly around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. Unfortunately, some men and women have more to deal with than natural aging, such as blemishes and irregularities caused by acne scarring, medical procedures, sun damage and burns. Finding a solution for these problems is crucial as the resulting emotional and psychological traumas caused can be debilitating and patients may lose confidence or worse Extra resources.

What is Resurfacing Perfected?

As its name suggests, this procedure works to resurface and smooth the layers of the skin to create a younger-looking appearance. Through the use of laser equipment, fine tuned treatments tackle each line, scar and additional irregularity. These treatments can be conducted on the surface layer, called the epidermis, or deeper at the dermal layer.

The doctor will choose the level of ablation or coagulation procedures that they believe will give the patient their preferred results. The best parts to any of these procedures are the quick healing times and better results per treatment. According to patients, results were observed after even one treatment, which helped them feel confident in the procedures and in their own skin.

Resurfacing Perfected offers a quick fix for sensitive and key features.

The parts of the body that normally make patients feel most vulnerable are the face, neck, chest and hands. The versatility of the Sciton’s physician tools allows them to work all over the body, including (and especially) these sensitive areas.

Fine lines, wrinkles, minor blemish marks and skin tone irregularity can be smoothed and evened out using the MicroLaserPeel. Also known as the Contour TRL, the tunable resurfacing laser is among the safest options on the market. The procedure includes ablation, or removal, of the outermost layer of the skin.
For more extreme problems, Profractional therapy can be included with the treatment, which permeates deeper into the dermis. Rather than removing an entire layer, like with the microlaser peel, the Profractional laser ablates thin tunnels through the skin, focusing on only a specific area at a time.

Beauty is skin deep.

The results speak for themselves. As the eyes and mouth are two areas that show the most signs of aging, these are also the places that will show the greatest impact from Resurfacing Perfected. In as little as 1-4 months, patients achieve results that shave as much as a decade off their age.