Dr. Standefer Talks for Loss of Skin Elasticity Solutions

The truth is that aging skin is a reality and in essence this entire discussion is “all about elasticity”! As the skin ages, it loses collagen. It also loses elasticity. The day that gravity gets stronger than the elastin fibers, that’s the day! That’s the day we wake up and look in the mirror and wonder what happened! We start to notice that our skin is hanging down over our jaw line, our neck is droopy, our eyelids hang down over our eyelashes and on and on.  Obviously there are degrees of laxity and elasticity changes and we all know that rival that never seems to have any of those issues that stare us in the face or other parts when we look into the mirror.

We have the most collagen and elasticity when we are in our 20’s. At about age thirty the thinning of our collagen begins. Every year thereafter, we lose about 1% of our collagen every year. There are many things that determine how fast this occurs. Heredity is a huge factor. Some people age faster than others. Father time gets everybody. The two things that put Father time in high gear are smoking and sun (UV) exposure. Those two things age the skin faster than anything else, all things otherwise being equal. If your doctor twists your arm to wear a big fun hat and sunscreen while outdoors, then he/she is trying to be your best friend.

Other things that determine how fast your skin shows signs of aging include diet, exercise, and weight cycles, hormones, smoking, alcohol, Diabetes, thyroid problems and even the S word…..Stress!

Stress doesn’t help anything!

Those factors are also the factors that determine how long a face lift lasts.  People that take care of themselves, are genetically blessed with more pigment, avoid tobacco and limit their alcohol,  enjoy good health without any major health or family issues have a much better and longer lasting result. Contrarily, if patients elect to use nicotine, spend too much time in the sun and not in the gym, or if they suffer major family or medical tragedy, they will lose their new look much sooner.  Remember, the surgeon and the patients are partners! They both have to do their job.  As your parents always said, a little common sense goes a long way.

Most patients come to see the surgeon when their neck begins to sag or the wrinkles around the mouth begin to show up.  That is what most people notice about themselves. In reality, what you look at when you look at other people and what they notice about you are the eyes.  “The eyes are the window to the soul”.  The eyes let people know how awake, alert, refreshed or not, and /or how sleepy you appear. When the eyelids are hanging down over the lashes it goes without saying you look more tired. Women notice things earlier because their eyeliner and eye shadow don’t go on as easily and their eyelids don’t show up like they used to. The normal result of the excess skin is to compensate with lifting of the eyebrows. This works for a while and is a natural response any time a patient looks into the mirror, or poses for a photo, or even when they are around family or friends.  It looks better and you can see better. The side effect is that the muscle that lifts the eyebrow (the frontalils muscle) is attached to the skin so with the natural thinning of the skin and the frequent raising of the eyebrows, the muscle begins to cause the forehead wrinkles and eventually the constant creases of the forehead.  And people wonder where or why bangs were invented!

Having “a little work done” was and still is a very personal and private thing. We would all like to have that gift of ageless beauty and never suffer from the effects of aging. With the growth of the internet and social media and not to mention the Hollywood crowd exposure, the secretive nature is much less. In many circles, it is a status symbol.

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