Using Food To Heal After Surgery

Optimal Nutrition Means Optimal Healing.

There’s no doubt that we spend a tremendous amount of time preparing for everything from work to special events and everything in between. Why then do we not take the time to prepare our bodies for surgery? Good nutrition takes the daily stress off your system and helps it focus on recovery, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do for yourself!


Any manner of operation is putting inflammatory and restorative stress on the body, and to make sure the repairing process goes smoothly, extra nutrition is necessary. If you go into surgery on a diet of fast food, fried snacks, and added sugar, you’re causing extra inflammation and you’re getting calories, but not nutrition. This can lead to slower, more painful healing, as well as other complications. Switching to a diet rich in whole foods before surgery will have a huge impact on your postoperative recovery, and will help you feel better overall.


Healing Up By Filling Up

Focusing on whole foods is key, but getting the correct post surgery foods is just as important:

  • Antioxidant-Rich Foods

When your body is damaged, as it is during surgery, free radicals are released causing further breakdown of cells and rampant inflammation. These are both dangerous and unhealthy, but significantly more so when you’re recovering. Foods rich in antioxidants help counteract free radicals and improve immune response as well as accelerate cellular repair. Reach for brightly colored fruits and vegetables, as the compounds that give them their vibrant hues are powerful antioxidant sources.

  • Fiber-Rich Foods And Probiotics

Full of probiotics and healthy nutrients, yogurt, kefir, and soft cheeses fill you up with protein and healthy fats, giving your body the energy it needs. Oatmeal is another great source of fiber, and coupled with the probiotics in your yogurt, will keep everything moving. Constipation is a common complaint after surgery, and these two powerhouses are some of the best post surgery foods for your gut health.

  • Easily Digestible Foods

When selecting foods to eat after surgery, focusing on nutrition-dense foods, especially ones that are easily digested, will help your body use less energy on processing your diet and more on healing. The aforementioned yogurt, along with broth and soups, are all advantageous because they provide significant nutrition and are easy on your system.

  • Above All Else, Hydrate!

Water is the key to optimal health and after surgery it’s even more important. Hydration is key to making sure your body is able to transport nutrients, process waste, and heal correctly. Make sure you’re drinking 10-12 cups a day!



Making The Most Of Your Diet

Focusing on nutrition in your post surgery foods is essential and can definitely speed up your recovery. Mending your body requires healthy, whole foods, and lots of water, but you will find that investing in your diet returns massive dividends for your health later on.

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