Eating To Nourish Your Skin.

There’s no doubt that there’s some truth to the old adage, but to what extent does this apply to your skin? There’s a lot of evidence that suggests refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods damage our skin, so what can we do and eat to heal and protect it instead? While science specific to nutrition’s role in healthy skin is limited, there’s ample evidence that antioxidant-rich foods protect skin from damage, which causes aging, and among those there are some foods that stand out clearly above the rest.


The sweet, seedy little fruit from the middle east is packed with anti-inflammatory agents, more than nearly any other fruit. Since you eat the seeds, you can put them in smoothies, mix them into cereal, or simply crunch them out of a bowl. They’re delicious as well as nutritious, especially for your skin!

Sunflower Seeds

As easy to snack on as they are healthy for you, sunflower seeds should be a pantry staple. Loaded with healthy fat, the kernels also boast impressive levels of vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant and promotes vibrant skin growth and health. Add them to salads or just grab a handful on your way out the door!


Blueberries are delicious for sure, but they’re also filled with vitamin C, which has nearly unsurpassed antioxidant effects. Beyond that, the phytochemicals in blueberries help improve the blood supply to your skin, defending against aging and creating a healthier skin tone.


Because spinach is a wonderful source of lutein, it’s perfect for helping protect skin from sun damage and inflammation. For clear skin and an even skin tone, lutein is essential, and most people don’t get enough, particularly through their diets where it’s most effective. Have a spinach salad, or add it to smoothies for a healthy kick.

Salmon, Mackerel, And Other Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are filled with omega-3s, some of the most powerful antioxidants available. These protect primarily against inflammation, which is a prime cause of skin aging. Fish are also full of selenium, which can protect against skin cancer, age spots, and general skin aging. If you don’t like the taste of fish, you can get fish oil capsules as a supplement!


The benefits of selenium for skin can’t be understated, and walnuts are packed with the stuff. Great for people suffering from acne, and for the general health of skin, walnuts are increasingly popular as their huge range of benefits becomes more apparent.

Protecting Your Skin Starts From Within

If “you are what you eat” is true, wouldn’t you want to be the healthiest person you can be? Your skin gives the first impression about you, and if it’s healthy and glowing, then you are putting your best foot forward. By protecting your skin, you’ll preserve your youth and mitigate diseases like cancer, and you’ll look great at the same time!