What is brow lift?
With age, almost all men and women begin experiencing heaviness around their eye area. This very common sign of aging generally creates sagging, droopy eyelids. In these cases, double Dallas facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Standefer performs a brow lift to modify the eye brows, smooth forehead wrinkling and tighten excess loose skin. The result dramatically rejuvenates the eyes and gives the patient a more youthful expression and a smoother brow.

How is a brow lift performed?
At Fresh Image, Brow Lifts are performed using local anesthetic with sedatives. Based on his patient’s unique needs, Dr. Standefer can use any of at least eight different methods of brow lifting. No matter the method, the brow is elevated and secured with suspension sutures. Each method is customized to the patient’s needs depending on height of the hairline, quantity and quality of hair, preferred hair style, and of course, each patient’s preference.

How much does a brow lift cost?
The cost of an eye brow lift varies depending on the method used, which is determined by the patient’s anatomy and goals. The exact price can be determined by scheduling a complimentary consultation to meet with Dr. Standefer. Financing options are available for brow lifts.

What can I expect during recovery for a brow lift?
Some swelling and bruising is normal with a brow lift, but can be relieved using gentle compression wrapping and/or application of ice for 2-3 days following surgery. Patients should sleep with their head elevated and heavy lifting should be avoided for 2 weeks. Patients can return to work as early as 3 days, but most patients take a full week to allow the swelling and bruising to subside.


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