What is a chin augmentation?
A well-defined chin provides balance to your profile and facial contours, and is generally considered essential to achieving aesthetic facial beauty. Patients who have a small or recessed chin, pointed or squared chin, prominent nose or fleshy neck can obtain facial balance by having a small chin augmentation procedure. Men also seek this procedure to get a strong-looking chin, which can be aesthetically and emotionally very important.

Many of our chin augmentation patients have used fillers in the past, but are looking for a more permanent solution.

How is a chin augmentation performed?
Chin augmentations are an outpatient procedure and are performed using local anesthesia with sedation. A small incision is made in one of two possible locations – inside the mouth between the gum and the lower lip or below the chin in a natural fold – allowing it to be hidden. The implant is gently inserted through the incision, positioned in the correct position and secured. Adjustments or modifications will be made based on the surgeon’s observations to ensure the desired look is achieved. Sutures are then inserted to close the incision.

How much does it cost?
Each chin augmentation procedure varies depending on the patient’s needs, so please call to schedule your complimentary consultation. We will discuss your exact needs and provide you with your cost options. We offer financing options to make chin augmentation affordable for everyone. LEARN MORE about our financing options.

What can I expect during recovery for a chin augmentation?
Recovery after a chin implant is usually minimal. As the local anesthesia wears off and normal sensation returns, patients notice some tightness and soreness in the lower jaw. Downtime is minimal cosmetically, with the possibility of minor swelling and bruising that resolves within a few days. Patients may return to normal physical activities after two weeks.

If the incision was made in your mouth, you will be on a liquid or soft-foods diets for a few days. The sutures will dissolve within a few weeks. If the incision was made under your chin, the sutures will be removed within 5-10 days.


model portraying symmetrical chin