What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is the longest lasting FDA-approved dermal filler available with results lasting up to 5 years. It is great for patients who want long term results for wrinkles, including nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It is also a wonderful option for treating acne scars. Bellafill provides immediate correction and stimulates collagen growth long term to help maintain your youthful appearance. Patients love Bellafill because they can look amazing without spending time and money on frequent filler injections.

Bellafill is safe on all skin types, textures, and colors, and we check to make sure each patient does not have an allergy to it before treatment.

How does Bellafill work?

Bellafill contains PMMA microspheres in a bovine collagen matrix. The collagen and PMMA in Bellafill have established safety records. PMMA has been used for many years in other areas of medicine, such as orthopedic surgery, dentistry, and ophthalmology.

The purified bovine collagen gel acts as a carrier for the microspheres in Bellafill. Gradually, the body will absorb the injected bovine collagen and the PMMA microspheres will remain. This provides a permanent support structure below the wrinkle to keep it from returning.

Other temporary dermal fillers are made of different kinds of materials that are completely absorbed by the body over time. As a result, wrinkle correction usually only lasts 6-12 months.

During Treatment

Before your Bellafill treatment, we will run an allergy test to ensure you are not allergic to the bovine collagen found in the injection. If there is no allergic reaction, you can proceed with the treatment. Allergic reactions are very rare.

The day of your Bellafill treatment, a numbing cream is applied to minimize any discomfort.

Then, through a very thin needle, the Bellafill solution is injected. The amount injected and location varies for each patient and depends on the goals of the treatment.

The treatment typically takes no longer than fifteen minutes, depending on the number of injection sites.

After Treatment

After your Bellafill treatment, you’ll see an immediate improvement in the treated area, whether it is the nasolabial folds, smile lines, and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, and/or acne scarring. Your results will continue to improve over the course of about three months as collagen production increases.

After receiving Bellafill injections, you can return to daily activities right away. You may experience temporary swelling, pain, redness, bruising, itching, and discoloration at the site of the treatment. These side effects are usually temporary and typically resolve within 1–7 days.